Do-it-yourself pink

2 Feb

After today’s news about Komen and Planned Parenthood, I did some more surfing and found out a few things.

1.  There are other Breast Cancer foundations.  Just surf for them.

2.  There are other cancers on some of the same genes, including a gene that can give breast cancer to women and prostate cancer to their brothers.

3.  There are maybe other interesting things about Komen’s politics. Like  this Mother Jones article.

So, I added a bumper sticker to my little store, just some more messageware.

I hope this gets looked-at more closely in the mainstream press.

Grover Norquist and the GOP

29 Jan

You’d think our elected public servants would owe allegiance to God, Family, and Country (or maybe city or state if they are local) …first, foremost, and before other folks.  Especially folks who have never been elected.

But if you Google “Grover Norquist” you’ll find out otherwise.

60 Minutes Report on Grover Norquist

Please, help pass the word! (One way to do this, for which I get a profit that I’m willing to donate to Obama after taxes, is to go  here: and order the “Oh, wait….” bumper stickers.  Or design your own, it’s cheaper!)

Hello world!

14 Sep

Let’s do it!